Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lake verret

map of Atchafalaya basin
Lake Verret is my one favorite lakes to fish in. There is a canal that is called cracker head the fish that you can catch there is cat fish,bluegill, sac au lait or crappie,bass,drum and gar and a lot more. Lake verret is mostly thick swamp. I have a camp in Pierre part. There is a little bay or opening near Pierre part bay and my family calls it, Strong canal because the fish in there pull hard.There is a houseboat there used to be two houseboats but now one. Night fishing is no good, mosquito's will tear you up, you can even hear about one thousand of them. not a lot of fish bite.There is a hunting club called cracker head.You can hunt deer, squirrel,raccoon,and a lot more, you might    see a black bear, but DON'T shoot it. The lake is full of alligators,turtles snakes and nutrias.Lake Verret is part of the Atchafalaya basin, which is the 2nd biggest swamp in the world.Pierre part in the 1700's was settled by the Cajuns. they still live there today. also indians lived south of lake Verret in Morgan city. The area is very agricultural with mostly sugar cane corn and crawfish. you may know about lake Verret from the tv show Swamp People..... no I have not met Troy Landry yet. Alligator fisheries started when the Cajuns first came here they used the alligator for the meat, and hide. now they use this program for the meat the hide and safty  every year in September the program gives hunters a certian amount of tags. Each year these hunters have to fill all these tags in 30 days or risk getting less tags next year.In return they sell the meat and hide for a good price.
American alligator


  1. Well guess what, I like it a lot! I go to lake Verret almost every week!

  2. That's cool! When we visit my grandma we go fishing at her dock!